ConvNet File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
cvconvnet.cpp [code]Implementation
cvconvnet.h [code]Declaration of convolutional network class
cvconvnetparser.cpp [code]XML Parser implementation
cvconvnetparser.h [code]XML Parser header
cvconvolutionplane.cpp [code]Implementation of convolutional plane class
cvconvolutionplane.h [code]Declaration of convolutional plane class
cvfastsigmoid.cpp [code]Fast sigmoid approximation trick
cvfastsigmoid.h [code]Header for fast sigmoid approximation
cvgenericplane.cpp [code]Implementation of default method for generic plane interface
cvgenericplane.h [code]Declaration of generic plane interface
cvmaxplane.cpp [code]Implementation of max plane class
cvmaxplane.h [code]Declaration of maximum plane class
cvrbfplane.cpp [code]Implementation of RBF plane class [NOT FINISHED!]
cvrbfplane.h [code]Declaration of RBF plane class
cvsourceplane.cpp [code]Implementation of source plane class
cvsourceplane.h [code]Declaration of source plane object
cvsubsamplingplane.cpp [code]Implementation of subsampling plane class
cvsubsamplingplane.h [code]Declaration of subsampling plane class
LICENSE [code]The software is released under this BSD-style license
testimg.cpp [code]Sample program using CvConvNet object
testmnist.cpp [code]Sample program using CvConvNet object

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